The Founder

 Elite First Class was established in 2012, by Founder & CEO Mrs Kiki Macheridou.

The idea was conceived by Mrs Macheridou’s passion for travel, luxury and leisure, with the aim of becoming the ultimate luxury concierge company in Mykonos. Born and raised in Germany, with studies in Economics and Interior Design, Mrs Macheridou held key positions in international firms for over twenty years and built a successful career operating in Greece and abroad.

Her expertise combined with her strong personality and dedication to perfection resulted in establishing a company of the highest standards and paramount work ethics.

With her signature touch, all projects are carried out with precision, respect and strict confidentiality to deliver highly tailored luxury concierge services to jet-set individuals all around the world. Today, Elite First Class has a strong presence in Greece, with headquarters in Mykonos, Paros, and Santorini.



”was raised to hustle like a man because I was told never to depend on one.”