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We plan glamorous stylish and fun celebrations and consider ourselves as the Luxury Wedding Planners of Mykonos for delicately sophisticated couples, who demand Elite First Class – Mykonos Wedding and world-class events.

We provide a full planning service that will produce an event above and beyond your inspiration.

With a wealth of knowledge & expertise in this industry, we offer highly personalized planning with impeccable attention to detail, working closely with every couple to make sure their Wedding Day in Mykonos exceeds all expectations and is everything they Imagined and even more!


Our services cover every aspect of your wedding, from planning to bringing creative wedding concepts to life. We provide a wide selection of top-class accommodation villas and Hotel Resorts for the bridal couple and their families and guests.

Choose between luxurious cars, limousines or antique automobiles for a grand bridal entrance or for comfortable and luxurious VIP guest transportation.


Each ceremony is unique and demands a series of necessary legal documents to be completed beforehand. You will need to contact us to assist you in the best possible way. All documents concerning the wedding must be authenticated and stamped for use abroad and sent to us at least 30 days prior to the wedding date. 

For European Union member countries, please contact your Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For the rest of the world, please contact your Department of State of your country. Two (2) witnesses are required to be present for the wedding ceremony.

Marriage Licenses: Marriage Licenses are issued at the town hall by the Mayor’s office. You will need to sign them on the day of the marriage, and you will receive them authenticated and stamped the day after, from the Mayor’s office. (Mayor’s Office Hours, Monday to Friday 8:00 – 13:00).


Wedding Plan
Bride & Groom

Sit back and enjoy an encounter of relaxation and serenity before your special day. Be the protagonist of this day looking radiant and refreshed. 

Our VIP Wedding Services offer the bride and groom an exclusive indulgent experience. We collaborate with the most prestigious beauty specialists and Spa Resorts to deliver exceptional service.

Our Wedding Services Include:

Bride Services
Gromm Services


Based in cosmopolitan Mykonos and having respected clients from every corner of the globe, Elite World Class Mykonos holds a deep respect for cultural, religious, and sexual diversity.

We cherish working with clients from around the world and offer our services to bring all types of wedding and marital ceremonies to life.

Civil wedding

Civil weddings take place at the Town hall which is located in the Center of Mykonos Town, on the port of Mykonos island. Built in 1780, the Town hall is an historical building featuring a Cycladic neoclassic-style. The marriage certificate is issued by The Greek Government and is accepted internationally.

Orthodox wedding

Rich in ritual and symbolism, Orthodox ceremonies can take place in numerous traditional picturesque churches and beachfront chapels located all over the island. All ceremonies are delivered by a certified Greek Orthodox priest.

Catholic wedding

Dedicated to the Virgin of St. Rosary, the Catholic Church of Mykonos is located near the iconic windmills of Mykonos. Built in 1668, the church is a building of great historical importance and is the ideal place to hold a beautiful Catholic wedding ceremony. All legal documents should be arranged in the country of origin.

Symbolic ceremony

For Islamic, Jewish, and other foreign religious weddings, couples must get married in their country of origin. However, Elite World Class can plan and arrange a symbolic ceremony and reception in Mykonos Island. Symbolic ceremonies are identical to the regular wedding ceremony but do not hold any legal capacity.

Gay marriage ceremony

As a world leader in LGBT tourism, Mykonos is the ideal place to host same-sex marital ceremonies. Elite First Class Mykonos can plan and arrange symbolic same-sex wedding ceremonies. Symbolic ceremonies are identical to the regular wedding ceremony, but same-sex weddings are yet to be legalized in Greece, they do not hold any legal capacity.

Renewal of vows

Whether marking a special anniversary or simply feeling inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the island of Mykonos, hosting a vow renewal ceremony is the ideal way to celebrate your marriage.


Celebrate your new beginning by choosing from a wide selection of venues to host your wedding party. Our event planners can also assist you on selecting from outstanding catering services, chefs, custom wedding cakes, DJ’s and live music, and any other special requirement for your reception.

From scenic private beaches to prestigious villas and resorts, Elite First Class Mykonos can arrange your wedding reception in any of the following locations:

Our experienced personnel can also arrange pre-wedding
& after wedding events such as:


Turn a special event into the magical, once-in-a-lifetime celebration that you’ve always dreamed of. Attention to detail is essential in order to create a mesmerizing wedding scene and set a lavish, enchanting and inviting atmosphere.

From the main entrance and altar to the table centerpieces, flower arrangements, lighting, and seating layout, all decorative elements must complement each other and merge with the event’s core concept.

Our company collaborates with world-acclaimed decorators and will assist with the decoration of the church, ceremony area, bridal car, and even the villa, hotel room, or private yacht which the couple will be stay in.

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